Serge DeNimes is a design led brand, providing exclusive seasonal collections of urban apparel and accessories of premium quality.

The founder, Oliver Proudlock has had two passions from a young age, fashion and art. They were the two constants in his upbringing, with his mother, a designer and photographer. For Mr Proudlock, Serge DeNimes is the expression of his creativity and his ambition.

Our original designs epitomize the urban culture and artistic flair that is the foundation of the Serge lifestyle. We strive to build an artistic community and focus on producing exciting yet relevant designs.

Since our beginning in 2011, we have aimed to provide directional collections of a high quality, whilst maintaining a design focus. Although our products are men’s cut, we consider our styles to be Unisex. We appeal to the young creatives, the street wise and the fashion conscious within the UK and around the globe.

Our original line was inspired by a series of photographs taken in 1978 by prominent photographers Lena Proudlock & Douglas Villiers, which focused on the world’s largest and most renowned carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

As an ever-evolving brand, we are constantly on the search for on-trend, significant collaborations. As a result of these unique partnerships, we hope to create an artistic community that focuses on producing relevant and exciting collections of the highest quality.

We at Serge DeNimes have created a lifestyle rather than just a clothing brand. Our blog provides our followers with content that inspire us and offers an insight into what we love.

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