Describe yourself in three words. 

Humble. Creative dark horse. A dreamer.

How many tattoos have you got? 

Nine in total. When I move to London I’m going to get more, I have so many ideas and I want to be covered!

How do you balance being an artist, designer and writer? 

Having a diary and a to-do list.

I’m always writing to-do lists and prioritising them into my diary and calendars at work. The time spent on each job depends entirely on the importance and size of the project or job I’m doing, for instance I’ve been working on a ballet costume design project lately and I’ve spent more time on designing than I have drawing or writing. It’s the same for anything else, really!


What’s your number one rule for taking a great selfie?

Take 50 pictures and choose one, you can’t go wrong.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

I do! I’m currently working on a ballet project at Eliot Smith Company in Northumberland, designing the dancers outfits with a dear friend of mine – the show is on November 12th. I’m also preparing for a few presentations and workshops with young adults/uni students this November and February next year.

Who are your style icons? 

Off the top of my head – Johnny Depp, William Cartier, FKA Twigs

Who’s your favourite fashion designer? 

I really enjoy the work of Bobby Abley, Florian Wowretzko and Riccardo Tisci.

Favourite place in London?

Shoreditch and Richmond. I like them both for different reasons, Shoreditch is lively, creative and there are so many cool, unusual haunts. Richmond is beautiful! Full of parks, Victorian buildings and has this unexplainable sense of tranquility – I used to live there!

If you could emulate the career of any of your idols who would it be and why? 

FKA Twigs. She’s insanely young yet talented, creative, versatile, down to earth and she works hard at what she does. She possesses all the qualities that inspire me and is a great example of what I want to be.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I see myself living in a minimally styled vintage apartment in London with lots of space. I’d be living with a partner or creative flatmate, perhaps a dog and definitely lots of little plants to fill the spaces. I love plants!

Career wise I think I’ve been incredibly lucky to obtain both my businesses Paradice UK and Jamboy & Co, especially at my age. I never needed to do any courses to qualify for my jobs, as it all started out as a hobby when I began selling T-Shirts to make money for university the following year. I didn’t even want to do art or fashion at the time, I was planning on being a lawyer!
This taught me that work is not about the money, or having a job title that may sound impressive, it’s about doing all your hobbies and what you love. If you don’t wake up in the morning wanting to go to work because you’re passionate for what you do, then you’re completely wasting your time!
For this very reason I want to go back into education to study further both Fashion and Art at CSM or LCF, going on to obtain a degree so I can hopefully become an internationally successful Artist/Fashion Designer. I think I owe myself, my family and my own hard work this opportunity, as it’s not something I had the option to pursue in the past.
I also hope to open a few physical stores around the world for Paradice UK and my art store Jamboy & Co, that would be a dream come true.


Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection? 

The charcoal Alpha Sweat is really nice! It was super comfortable and the material was beautiful. I also really liked the elongated Shawfield Scoop tee, it’s perfect for nights out and would go with most things.

I couldn’t live without… 

My morning coffee, without this I am unable to function.


Instagram: @thejamesboyle

Twitter: @thejamesboyle

Tumblr: JAMBOY

Facebook: James Boyle





Describe yourself in 3 words.

Loud, busy, light-weight

How do you juggle being a model and studying Law at Southampton?

Modelling is a lot of fun. I won’t do it often because education is foremost important to pursue my career, but every shoot I treat a rest day for my brain to have fun. Especially for blog shoots.

What are your tips for talking the ultimate selfie?

You need to have the perfect lighting and angle. When I get in the right selfie position, it’s as if I have no flaws anymore, I’m basically a cat fish.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

Unfortunately not, just the usual updating my blog and preparing for my assessed moot.

What can you do without during winter?

The cold

Favourite holiday destination?

I travelled South-East Asia this year and it was honestly the most I’ve ever felt at home. So anywhere in SE Asia would be ideal, but if I had to be specific, either Koh Rong Island or Otres Village in Cambodia.

If you could swap places with anyone you admire who would it be?

Angelina Jolie. She’s more human and woman than I will ever be.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years time I would have hopefully finished my accelerated degree in law and ideally I would already have a graduate job.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?

Grey symbolic T-shirt

I couldn’t live without…

This sounds so 21st century cliché but my phone. It is legit my life line.


Instagram: @bell_williams

Twitter: @bell_williams









Leebo’s Quote Of The Day:

I like to have my fingers in many pies

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Driven, passionate and positive

When did you first know you wanted to be model?

I was scouted at a young age. Someone found me on Facebook and it went from there.

How did you get into music?

With music, it has always been my dream – From hearing my uncle play northern soul music at a young age, I wanted to create those vibes, so from there I started to produce and that lead to teaching myself to DJ.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up soon?

This summer I have an EP coming out with ISM records and an album coming with On The Fruit Records.

What is your favourite gig which you have done?

It was the Vivienne Westwood campaign I did with Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

I am always making moves, so am currently focusing on the next 5 weeks, but I’m always looking for a steady income, to continue with my modeling, music and get more into my acting. I always work my ass off and I don’t want any of that Kardashian bullshit.

Are there any people you really respect?

 I really look up to Georgia May Jagger. Having worked with her before, she is really hard working and she doesn’t mess around.

Do you have a style icon?

Liam Gallagher

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

 4 Symbols Sweatpants – I wear them all the time

Favourite spot in London? 

Tower Bridge at night


Twitter : @LeeboFreeman

Instagram : ‪@Leebothestampede

Chase Your Dreams Mixtape :










How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Black, fashionable, updated

How did you first get into Modelling?

I was scouted working in a bar in London

Which came first, the beard or the tattoos?

Tattoos came well before the beard, been tattood since I was 18

Have you got any big projects coming up?

Shooting in Milan next month, and the following month appearing at a tattoo shop opening in Switzerland

What would be your advise to an aspiring model?

Keep at it, and if u don’t have any tattoos, keep it that way

How do you keep in shape? Do you enjoy staying fit?

I go to the gym at least 5 times a week, unless I’m hungover ;) I love training, just have to wake up first

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

I have no idea, I’m a leaf in the wind, see where I end up

What do you do to relax after a stressful day?

Fall onto the sofa and chuck a film on

Who are your style icons?

Don’t really have any to be fair I just dress how I want. My homie Jimmy Q always dresses sick, and a dude names Kosta Williams

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

I like fairly basic tops so gotta say the black and the white versions of the Scoop T-Shirt

Who is your favourite designer?

Don’t have a favourite designer but I do dig Giuseppe Zanotti

What is your favourite spot in London?

I live in the east which is cool and trendy but I do love hanging in central and going out in central

Twitter: @Perceval_Chris

Instagram: @Chris_Perceval

SERGE MEETS : Jamal Edwards

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Self Belief Passion and positivity

How about your style in 3 words?

Relaxed & Unique (couldn’t think of a 3rd word)

Tell us about SBTV?

SBTV was a solution to a problem, at the time I didn’t think talented people from the streets were getting a fair shot at sharing their talent with mainstream audience, so I setup SBTV as a way for talented people to share their talents with the world at large.

How did you go from amateur filmmaker to making SBTV?

I never look at it like that, I’ve more looked at as a mission, an agenda to audiences to ensure they can see what is out there in it’s entirety.

SBTV was originally based around urban music. Which artists do you listen to on a regular basis?

I listen to everything you know and I know it sounds cliche but i never get hooked on one album I always keep listening to different artists. Obviously theres’s particular songs i like but honestly I don’t have any regulars.

I understand you are currently working on a new project. Tell us about your new site.

For me, over the years I’ve grown to realise the audience is more of a community than an audience, the site is about expanding more of a network/community based attitude. The opinions of the viewers matter; these need to form the way things are commissioned and explored and I also want to explore the realities of celebrity in a fresh way, to empower them editorially through the brand and platform to engage with communities they curate in a truly dynamic and authentic manner.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Still building SBTV in other territories & branching out of music into other areas.

What would be the soundtrack to your life?

Panik Pop feat. Joke – Life Is A Journey

Who are your musical idols?

Michael Jackson

Who are your style icons?

Pharell & David Beckham

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

Serge Skull Sweat

Who is your Favourite designer?

Thomas Sabo

What is your favourite spot in London?

Fat Lorenzo’s on Clipstone Street


Twitter: @JamalEdwards

Instagram: @JamalEdwards

Serge Meets : Nick Brewer

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Describe yourself in three words?

Honest, friendly, awkward.

How about your style in 3 words?

Hmm. Simple, comfortable, natural.

When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

I’ve enjoyed writing lyrics and rapping since about the age of 9, and it was something I always dreamed of doing. However, I never really believed it could be anything more than just a hobby. So being able to really give it a go as a career is something i’ve wanted since young, but never imagined could actually happen.

You have just released your new EP ‘warning light’, have you got any big projects coming up in the new feature? 

Yeah, ‘Warning Light’ was an EP, which aimed to serve as a taster of whats to come, along with my previous EP ‘Four Miles Further’, which I put out in June last year. I’m working on my debut album at the moment, which will hopefully be out at some point this year.

What would be your advise to an aspiring musician?

Work out what makes you different as an artist, what you stand for as a person, and then hold on to that. Don’t worry if people don’t get it straight away. It’s tempting to just follow what everyone else is doing, but if you can be innovative and unique, you’re on to something.

Which of your songs are you most proud of and why?

I think it would probably be have to be a song I wrote called ‘Close’. It’s about my mum, who is really important to me, and has been so supportive of me. She says I get my rapping skills from her, although i’m not sure what she’s basing that on!

Are you looking to do any collaborations in the near future?

Yeah, I love working with other artists, and i’ve been fortunate to work with some really cool people already. Hopefully that will continue, and i’ll be able to keep working with people that i’m a fan of.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Hopefully i’ll still be doing music, in what capacity or on what level that may be, I don’t know. But I love making music, so that’s what I aim to be doing. I would love to start up my own project for young people too; a record label of sorts, which would aim to develop and mentor young people interested in creating music.

What would be the soundtrack to your life?

Mos Def – Black On Both Sides. I think that album captures almost every emotion I have felt at one time or another in life.

Who are your musical idols?

Nas and Eminem are probably the 2 rappers I look up to the most, in terms of lyricism. I think John Mayer and George Benson are incredible musicians, and they inspire me also.

Who are your style icons:

I’m not sure really. It’s not really something I think about a lot. But I do think David Beckham and David Gandy are super cool though.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

That’s a tough question, cos I like a lot of the stuff. If I had to pick one piece though, it would probably be the Wolf hoodie.

Favourite spot in London?

I’m a bit of a History nerd, so it would have to be the Tower Of London. Who are your style icons:

ITunes: NickBrewer

Soundcloud: NickBrewer

Twitter: @ItsNickBrewer

Serge Meets : Christopher Millington

/ 1

Describe yourself in three words?

Forever an amateur

How about your style in 3 words?

Very little colour

When did you first know you wanted to be a model?

I didn’t, I guess. I got told to try it out and I was quite hesitant at that stage, this was 2 years ago. It never really occurred to me that I’d be able to model in any capacity. I got scouted in London through a shop window and it’s been non-stop ever since, I’m extremely lucky!

Have you got any big projects coming up?

I’m just about to work at the GQ Man Of The Year awards for Hugo Boss, in Hollywood. (That’s pretty cool)
Aside from that, I’ve got some big things coming with DIESEL, Whistles, Jigsaw, Topman and REISS, over the next few months. It still blows my mind that brands with such prestige; appreciate my work and want to collaborate on content with me.

What would be your advise to an aspiring model?

Go speak to an agency, that’s the first thing you should do. They’ll set your expectations and be realistic with you about your prospects. If you’re lucky, they’ll take you!

What do you think will be happening with you in the next 5 years?

Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve been really enjoying my transition from modelling into menswear blogging, it’s something I’m really passionate about and I’m loving every minute of it. Aside from that, I’m a director in LA supply brand Saint Rita Parlor, so I’ll be doing things with those guys for a long time. Who knows! It’s all a big whirlwind but I think I’ve got it under control, I think.

What song would be the soundtrack to your life?

Great question! I’d probably say a mixture between all of the movie soundtracks that Hans Zimmer has ever produced. I absolutely adore all of his work and he’s forever going to be my favourite musical influence.

Who inspires you?

My Grandfather, he was just the perfect role model for me, he taught me everything about life that I carry with me today. I owe the world to that man.

Who are your style icons?

Johan Lindeberg, Dylan Rieder. Both effortlessly brilliant. Distressing, relaxed cuts, worn-out pieces and bold outfits. They always look great.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

I really love the block tee, it’s definitely my favourite!

Favourite spot in London?

I love the south bank, it’s super cool and a skateboarder’s paradise. Aside from that, I’m a big fan of the Queen of Hoxton, what a cute little pub that is.

Favourite spot in London?

I’d absolutely love to walk for Burberry, there’s something so prestigious and unattainable about their shows, especially as a bearded and tattooed model, I could never see myself doing it.
To shoot, I’d love to work for Prada, their campaigns are always beautiful and I’m a huge fan of their imagery.


Twitter: @chrisjohnmilly

Instagram: @chrisjohnmillington

Serge Meets: Sim MK1

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Describe yourself in three words?

Determined, Loyal, Positive

How about your style in 3 words?

Diverse, Tailored, Polished

When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

Way back in 2004 when i first fell in love with the grime/garage scene, acts such as dizzee rascal & so solid crew. I started writing lyrics at school, lol my flow was the worst but managed to entertain my mates with my humorous witty wordplay.

Have you got any new releases coming up?

Currently locked away in the studio building lots of new solo material, planning to release my first single early 2015 alongside my own artist management company.

What would be your advise to an aspiring musician?

Trust your gut instinct every time, network your ass off, and always remind yourself you have nothing to lose.

What do you think will be happening with you musically in the next 5 years?

Definitely touring/headlining globally, consistent chart success, and a very prominent figure in the music industry.

What song would be the soundtrack to your life?

Kanye West – Power

Who inspires you musically?

No one in particular, however, anyone that represents progression & positivity. Also driving through sloane street & knightsbridge at night i find highly inspirational lol !!

Who are your style icons?

Don’t actually have one, i mainly just take inspiration from daring individuals who like to make a statement.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

Wolf bomber jacket is right up there !!

Favourite spot in London?

Kebab Kid in Fulham especially after the gym


Twitter: @Simeon_MK1

Instagram: @simmk1

Serge Meets : Mikill Pane

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Describe yourself in three words?


How about your style in 3 words?

Whatever. I. Like.

When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

When I realised nobody was listening to my spoken word without the accompaniment of music. Melodies help them digest it. It’s a trick.

Have you got any big projects coming up?

I do. I have some singles and possibly an album ready for 2015. The non-musical projects shall remain secrets for now.

Do you have a favourite of all your releases?

At the moment, yeah. It’s Godfather EP, which is out now on iTunes.

What would be your advise to an aspiring musician?

Don’t do it if you don’t love it, and expect to hate yourself and everyone around you once in a while, while your trying to establish yourself.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Polishing an Ivor Novello award. My own – I don’t want to be a housekeeper

Who are your musical idols?

DJ Premier.

Who are your style icons?

Don’t have any of those.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

The long-sleeved so serge tee.

Who is your favourite designer?

Shawn Stussy

Favourite spot in London?

Clutch Chicken on Ravenscroft Street.

iTunes: MikillPane

Twitter. @MikillPane

Instagram. @MikillPane


Serge Meets : BB Kaye

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Describe yourself in three words?

Easy going, emotional, loyal.

How about your style in 3 words?

Classy, trendy, cool.

How did you first get into Modelling?

I was spotted in Birmingham at the Clothes Show Live. I was a dancer on the main stage.

Have you got any big projects coming up?

I do, but I’m not allowed to talk about it until it’s time (sorry).

What would be your advise to an aspiring model?

Embrace your insecurities and try not to compare yourself to others.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Working for Shonda Rhimes.

What’s next for you?

Literally boarding a flight to Rio de Janeiro :)

Who are your style icons?

James Dean, Justin Theroux, Olivia Palermo.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

Wolf hoodie and the the long oversized white tee with 4 symbols.

Who is your favourite designer?

The Kooples.

Favourite spot in London?

Anywhere I have my Laptop to catch up with my shows.

Twitter: @itsbbkaye

Instagram: @itsbbkaye


Serge Meets: Shystie

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Funny, honest, caring.

Now how about your style in 3 words?

Edgy, sexy, energetic.

Hows your favourite artist?

Reece Bibby right now, he’s 15 and amazing.

How did  you get into music?

I hung out with a lot of guys in sixth form that were into music and rapping and they taught me the basics. From there I practiced day and night and over the years perfected my craft really.

In 2003 I did a girls version of Dizzee Rascals ‘I luv u’ then got signed to Universal, polydor. Since then I’ve toured with 50 cent, The Streets, Basement Jaxx and I’m still here 10yrs later doing what I love.

Do you play any instruments?

Not yet, but I’m learning two at the moment.

What radio station do you listen to?

A few, Radio 1xtra, capital Xtra, kiss fm and radio one.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Music and taking a new young artist under my wing, more modelling, having my own successful brand ie clothing, fragrances etc and lots more acting in feature films and tv series.

I just plan on being more established and successful by that time.

Who are your style icons:

Don’t have any, I just admire good taste in any individual really, regardless if their famous or just the average person / stranger, if they have a good style then I love that.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

The white tee that says SDN LONDON. Not being bias lol but it’s actually now one of my fav T shirts. I love the fit and quality of it and I like minimal designs & things, so this tee is perfect for me.

Favourite spot in London

The pan peninsula in canary wharf.

Twitter: @iamshystie

ITunes: Shystie

Youtube: Shystie


Serge Meets : Georgina Philipps

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Describe yourself in three words.

Off the rails.

Why did you move to New York?

To become an actress.

Why did you want to become an actor?

I love being the centre of attention.

What’s a normal day for you?

A coffee, cream cheese bagel and watching Weirdos.

What current projects are you working on?

Tomorrow I am shooting a short film where I play the role of a girl obsessed with comic books and has a desire to become a superhero. I also just landed the supporting role in Lake Placid 5 where I get chased around by crocodiles. This shoots in Bulgaria later in the month.

Dream person to work with?

Leonardo DiCaprio.

Who would play you in your life?

My twin sister, Emma.

Favourite place to hang out in New York?

The subway.

Favourite film?

True Romance.

Favourite Serge Item?

Black skulls sweat.

Tell us something we don’t know.

I don’t know my lefts from rights.

 Website :

Twitter : Georgina

Instagram : Georgina


Serge Meets : Bee Beardsworth

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Describe yourself in 3 words:
I like cats.

Describe your style in 3 words:
Expression of me.

How did you become a model?
I was scouted a few times, so I eventually decided to give it a shot and see what would happen.

What was it like shooting for Diesel?
Really sick. The whole shoot was based around rock & roll, and I wore a wig that was like Joan Jett’s mullet. All the outfits were leather and denim. And there was a black cat for some of the close up shots. I love The Runways and old rock music, so it was pretty much the best Tuesday I’ve ever had.

You are also an artist, what/who inspires you to be creative?
I love art that has a strong impact and message behind it, art that makes you think. My favourite modern artists are Tracey Emin, Banksy, Damien Hirst and Robert Montgomery. For me, art is inspired by everything. Art isn’t separate to my life: it is parallel.

Who are your style icons?
David Bowie, Anna Dello Russo, Rihanna, and the Queen (seriously…Corgi swag).

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?
Doing what I want.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?
I love the long sleeved black top from the Harvey Nichols collection with the symbols on the left arm, and the new earrings with the crucifix hanging off them.

Where is your favourite spot in London?
The crystal and mineral room in the Natural History Museum.

Tell us something we don’t know?
I know all the words to ‘Fuckin’ Problem’ by A$AP Rocky.

Blog: beebeardsworth

Instagram: @bee_beardsworth

Serge Meets : Mary Ballantyne

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Describe yourself in 3 words:

Fun, empathetic, ‘downtoearth’

Now how about your style in 3 words:

Eclectic, bohemian, mix

So you’re a woman of many talents, not only a model, you’re a singer, a poet, a writer, an artist and an illustrator; how do you find time to yourself? 

Thats very kind, with the sense of having time for myself, I like to meditate, do yoga & relax, Burn some incense and organic candles. I lived near Glastonbury growing up, it is quite chilled there, so this state of mind is quite easy to tune into. It is very important to have time to rest, as we live in a very hectic world, but you can find peace anywhere.

Who are your art influences?

People which inspire me in the art world, are new and old. For my work I tend to visualize my painting or work before I create it. I love the Pre-Raphaelites, John William Waterhouse. Greek mythology & Arthurian legend, I find fascinating, but really I get inspired by anything, perhaps someone I have met.

Being a Poet is pretty impressive, how did you get into it?

I love writing, Its something that is quite personal to me, but it’s a way of expressing myself too. I like the emphasis that language can create for feelings as well as building a picture. Especially so in poetry, doesn’t take too long to read and communicates a lot.

How old were you when you started singing; what has been your music influence?

I started singing when I was a toddler, I did a lot of musical performances when I was growing up & I was in the choir for many years singing soprano (The really high notes ha ha). I went to a very musical school so I was really lucky to visit many beautiful cathedrals and venues. I once remember singing for the elderly in a care home- Music is a universal language and it can create happiness & make us reminisce memories from any moment in time. Music influences: range from rock, pop, classical, opera, electronic, really the list is endless..

Do you have a different style depending on which part of your life you are working on?

In clothes style.. Not really, I mean I wear the things that I feel right in. I buy the things that I like, sometimes different, I would say I do have a peculiar taste. I mean to say, if my friend invited me to a lovely black tie dinner, I wouldn’t turn up in a bin bag. For modelling you do have to adjust your style, especially for some clients, but then some are open to your personality.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time? 

I hope to be doing more of the things I love & am passionate about. I’ll be working on more exciting projects. So, Just like a radio station I would say Stay tuned on the Mary Ballantyne station… :)

Who are your style icons?

A man: Marc Bolan, A woman: Bridgitte Bardot. I get inspired by the new and old style icons. Once I saw lovely folk on a cruise ship and asked her where she got her beret from.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

Choose one? you must be kidding me, I love the t-shirts but one… its got to be the gold padlock necklace its really unique. Its sort of like a printed coin, it reminded me of those ancient wax seals…

What is your favourite spot in London?

The parks, the river, favourite spot: Under a dappled tree anywhere. Thanks for having me :)


Instagram: @mary_ballantyne

Twitter: @Mary_Ballantyne


Serge Meets : O’shea Robertson

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Describe yourself in 3 words:

If I were to describe myself in 3 words, they would be calm, happy & competitive.

Now how about your style in 3 words:

Simple, classic & representative.

 What type of music are you in to?

I honestly love all music but my favourite genres (what I’m listening to the most at the moment) are probably hip hop, indie & whatever genre Majestic Casual would be.

So you’re a full-time model, how long have you modelled for?

I am a model & I have been modelling full time for nearly 4 years with my fantastic agency Select. It’s been going well.

Do you have a different style depending on which part of your life you are working on?

I tend to blend my style between work & my lifestyle. I’m a relaxed person so I try to show that in the way I dress. It only changes for important events.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I hope to be travelling the world. If not then I would like to know my direction in life. At the moment, I like it pretty much up in the air.

Who are your style icons?

Ozwald Boateng (always impeccable dressed), Will Smith, Johnny Depp (looks cool all the time), Kanye West (has his own vision & direction for fashion) & David Beckham (the dude guy knows how to dress).

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

My favourite SDN item is probably the yellow gold padlock, it looks cool over any black or white top.

Strangest thing you have worn?

Strangest thing I’ve worn a paper mâché fox’s head.

Where is your favourite spot in London?

My favourite spot in London is Shoreditch House.

Instagram: @ohgodoshea

Twitter: @OhGodOshea

Serge Meets : Emma Shenkman

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Childish, Playful and Creative – I’m a true Gemini 

Now how about your style in 3 words?

Mood Dependant, Personal

So you’re a DJ, what type of music are you in to?

I’m a real music baby, so really I have no specific genre of music I am more affiliated too.  My father from the day I was born played me Blues, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Soul and Country Music so they has a massive place in my heart.  But I have over the years also grown a love for House, and Techno.  In a set you’ll see me playing a bit of everything.

Who’s your favourite artist/DJ?

Tough question, can’t give you one simple answer to this one.  My favourite DJ/Producers at the moment are Maya Jane Coles and Gaiser and my favourite live act right now is Pale.  I do also love everything by Massive Attack.

We know you’re also in acting, what sort of acting do you do?

Theatre and Film.  They are two different mediums which require a totally different approach.  But at the end of the day they are both the art of telling stories.  I love both of them equally.

What’s your favourite film?

Wild at Heart

Do you have a different style depending on which part of your life you are working on?

I have a wardrobe with so many different types of clothes from all different eras (a lot of 70s, 80s and 90s stuff), I can kind of be whatever I feel like! I mainly like to wear what I’m feeling.  So some days I’ll wake up and want to wear a baggy t-shirt, skinny jeans and my adidas gazelles and another day I wake up and want to wear my crochet hippie dresses and some days I just want to mix them all together!  It depends on my mood each morning.  But for auditions I tend to dress in the style my character would, and I have a similar attitude in rehearsals its helps keep you in the part, clothes say so much about a person.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Acting in a play at the Royal Court

Who are your style icons:

Anita Pallenberg – she’s an expressive and free dresser. That’s what its all about.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

The black simple t – shirt with the Serge symbols.  I actually wore it to a gig last night with a vintage 70s red leather mini skirt.

Strangest thing you have worn:

Burberry print trouser suit.  It was actually quite cool!

Favorite spot in London:

Is about to be … MODE by boyfriends new club under the Westway which opens next month.

Serge Meets : Zainab Ayeni

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zainab front 1


Describe yourself in 3 words?

Thoughtful, Humorous, Caring

Now how about your style in 3 words?

Unsuccessful hipster skater

Where are you from?

Hhmm…My father is Nigerian, my mother is Lebanese Gambian, I was born in Nigeria, raised in The Gambia so can I say I am Gambian or Gambian Nigerian? I’m a child of the world! How about that? Ha!

So you work at Ralph Lauren- What is a typical day at work?

It depends, as I work in wholesale, it can vary from buying appointments with buyers, to travelling abroad 4 times a year to see our new collections. When the selling seasons are over, I’m usually in the office doing various tasks involving sales analysis, planning marketing activities with our marketing team in Geneva, to visiting clients with stores across the UK. My colleagues/friends at Ralph Lauren UK are awesome which also makes day to day working environment even more exciting!

Have you worked for any other big fashion houses?

Yes, I worked at Diesel 5 years ago. That was fun brand to work for.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

I wish to sit on a beach in The Gambia selling coconuts but I have responsibilities so hopefully slowing down and working for myself and being happy and healthy

What’s next for you?

I have an idea on something which is in developing stages so I can’t disclose much more at the moment but I hope most people find it inspiring.

Who are your style icons:

Phoenix Thorwall. He’s my former manager’s son and I think he is now 7. I haven’t seen him in a few years but this kid always used to wear the coolest outfits.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

My red beanie

Favorite designer?

I don’t have one

Favourite spot in London:

My flat!

Twitter : @ZainabAyeni

Serge Meets : Gina Kushka

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Passionate, Motivated, Compassionate

Now how about your style in 3 words?

Vintage, Classic, Flirty

Not only are you modelling, but you’re a full-time musician, a painter, and in your last year studying at the renowned Courtauld Institute; how do you find time to yourself?

Haha, well, I’d say all of those things are ‘time for myself’; to build myself so that I can give as much to the world that I’m possibly capable of. What I struggle with though, is balancing those things with downtime to just chill. The problem is that I’m wired that way; I don’t feel at ease with myself unless I’m working.

Who’s your favourite painter?

Either Cy Twombly or Wilhelm De Kooning. Such honest painters.

Do you play any instruments?

I taught myself guitar at a young age and I also use piano to write with because it takes my music to a place that’s different to guitar, but I’m not very good at it.

What radio station do you listen to?

I love listening to ClassicFM during the day. It’s epic. And Radio1 at night – Annie Mac’s fun.

Do you have a different style depending on which part of your life you are working on?

It all sort-of merges into being one ‘style’, but for different parts of my life I definitely would put things together differently. For example when I’m going to the recording studio I’d wear a bomber, leather trousers and some high tops, but when I’m painting, I’d wear a cropped t-shirt and dungarees . Obviously night’s out are more sophisticated as well, but always in the same vibe of vintage-classic and sexy.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

That’s a really big question for me to answer. I have way too many things on my list. I believe we can do anything – we just have to put our minds to it and not let anything stop us or get in the way of our belief in ourselves. No matter what you think may be an obstacle, there’s always a way of getting past it. You just have to carry on and build an unstoppable motivation so that it becomes an inherent part of you that you can’t fight. There is no substitute to hard work – it beats talent and will get you there in the end. In reality though, my short-term goals are my music and painting. After that, the world is my oyster and I want to give as much to it as possible. I have so many plans. I want to help the conservation of animals at home in South Africa and eventually return to art-history academia, but there’s so much more.

Who are your style icons:

So many. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn because I think every woman should be elegant and graceful, Edie Sedgwick because I find her undeniably sexy in her ‘give-a-sh*t’-ness, also Brigitte Bardot and Nancy Sinatra.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

The Floral SDNxLDN white t-shirt

Favourite spot in London:

Anywhere that vaguely makes me feel like I’m back in Cape Town haha.


Serge Meets : King Charles

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king charles

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Cave Man Elite

Now how about your style in 3 words:

Troll meets Princess

Do you have a different style depending on which part of your life you are working on?

I think it changes as my inspiration changes. when inspired to show off I’ll be more of a princess about what cloth covers me, but when I’m not I could make a troll look chic.

Who are your style icons:

Carlos Acosta, Beau Brummel, Charlie Chaplin, Grace Jones

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

The Padlock Tee

Favorite designer?

Laurence Airline

Strangest thing you have worn:

A Coyote

Favourite spot in London?

The airport

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Well  I like touring very much so I think that is what I’d like to be doing, hopefully my fifth album. Either touring it or listening to it. I have a real hunger to release albums and i feel like the more i have out the more at ease I’ll feel in the world.

What’s next for King Charles?

I’ve got a new album that I’m very excited to release, not sure exactly when, probably when I least expect it but I’ll definitely hit the road to celebrate. Its been a long time coming so I hope you and everyone else can join in the celebrations with me.


Serge Meets : Tijana Tamburic

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Describe yourself in 3 words:

The first time I was asked this question was at the job interview to be a sales assistant when I was 17 and I found it an interesting question so I thought it through seriously and eventually replied ‘sarcastic, outspoken and argumentative’. It didn’t go down so well but I still think it’s the most accurate answer I have.

Now how about your style in 3 words:

Comfortable, classic and Serbian-hand-me-down-chic.

You do some very varied things, tell us about your comics publishing venture?

My father and I opened a publishing company called Omnibus in Serbia on the back of our first book, and anthology of comics from the former Yugoslavia, called ‘The Comics We Loved’. We buy the rights to english and foreign graphic novels that we love and have them published in Serbian. Through this process we met many artists and graphic novel writers from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and so on whose incredible work was not getting the publishing or acknowledgement it deserved. We decided to translate their works into English and open an interactive platform for comics artists and readers called Modesty Comics. You can read many examples of the works of dozens of artists for free and buy the whole work as an E-book. We also sell originals and merchandise.

What are your passions?

Working on causes I think are worth while to get people involved in things I think are worth while. An example, as that sentence was quite convoluted; being a translator at world sporting events (I did the 2012 Olympics and the FINA world Championships 2013) to get young people interested and engaged in sport and helping incredible comics writers and artists spread their work.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and am possibly the most patriotic person you will ever meet.

How do you enjoy being in London, the epicentre of Fashion?

I’ve been raised in London and it’s very much my stomping ground. I am a city baby and can’t imagine not being somewhere where so much is accessible. I like that people have the resources to express themselves with fashion and that I have been able to work with such a variety of designers. On the other hand, it does create a certain amount of pressure on what you wear and I find that so contrived and stressful that I give up more often than not and you’ll notoriously find me in very unattractive, but extremely comfortable, fleece trousers and shirts.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

Hopefully something more settled that makes me happy but i’ll probably be winging it like I am now.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

I like a simple white T-shirt like the SDN one, that you can style with anything.

Favourite spot in London?

As a building I love the Natural History Museum, but in this weather my bed is my favourite place to be.

Favourite Designer?

I’d say Sophie Hulme and Joshua Kane (who, coincidently, both went to the same university).