Model: Jodell Douglas
Photographer: Hannah Miles


You’re a keen dancer- has this been the case from a young age?
Yes, I grew up in a family that listens to all different types of music which encouraged me to dance from a young age, but I started taking dance serious around the age of 12 onwards. Me and my friends would dance on the streets with a boombox where I grew up in Fishponds, (Bristol) simply training, exchanging and having fun together. From then to now I have put my all into my journey from training and battling to performing and teaching worldwide. Its truly amazing to see the progression within my journey and I am very grateful and humbled.

Dancing and modelling are pretty full on, how do you like to relax?

When I’m relaxing I tend to be searching for music online that inspire me to move within dance for the next time I train/perform. Also like to relax by playing consoles, drawing and sleeping.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up? 
Yes I have a few exciting projects coming up but the most exciting one for myself is my first ever dance video which I’m collaborating with a friend called Kelvin to create something abnormally different through movement and visuals. The video will be based around “ArtWithin” which is the name I give my movement/vision into life and dance. Make sure to keep an eye out for it!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Haha thats a hard question! Hmmm… Personally I take everyday as it comes but I 100% want to push even further in dancing and modelling.
I would like to have my own arts company called “ArtWithin” which perform crafts in a different unusual light worldwide that others may not be exposed to. As my movement/vision has a difference in the dance scene I want this to be fully exposed to inspire others.

Whats your favourite item from the Serge AW16 collection? 
My favourite Serge Denimes item from the AW16 has to be the No Noise Shawlack set!




Model: Chris Fleischer
Photographer: Hannah Miles

What inspires you?
I would say my biggest inspiration is my mother just because of the comfortable life and opportunities she been able to give me despite being  single mum. Bearing this in mind this makes my mother very strong headed, so taking after her I would never let her know this, not yet at least.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
At the time not so funny or the few days after but going to A & E after results night 2 weeks ago whilst incredibly delirious with my friend who was plasterboarded, at the time it ruined the night but looking back it made it.

What are you doing at them moment alongside modelling?
I have just finished college so have been soaking up the summer as much as possible and indulging in holidays as that seemed like the most logical thing. I also work in a coffee shop at weekends sometimes.

How did you get into modelling?
I was scouted in Brighton on my way to a date with a model funnily enough, what are the chances! Turned out they even knew each other when I asked if they knew each other by the off chance.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
No that I know of but hopefully!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to have attempted to have set up my own business at least once, and then against all odds it become a success, but ultimately find something that makes me happy!

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
The Scrawl Shirt

Instagram: @chris_fleischer


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Model: Ryan Davies-Hall
Photographer: Hannah Miles

What kick started your Tattoo addiction?
Like they say, once you get one your more than likely going to carry on getting tattooed. That’s kinda what happened and now look at me.

Tell us an interesting story about one of your tattoos.
I have so many interesting stories to my tattoos. Anything from turning up to day sittings straight from the club to covering an ex girlfriends name with a full ass piece. Take your pick, haha.

How did you get into modelling?
I kind of fell into the modelling game, it started with a banter conversation with one of my favourite photographers on twitter then a couple of weeks later I was stood practically naked in his studio. From then onwards it just blew up for me.

How do you juggle your job with modelling?
It’s hard work, I mean sometimes I feel like I’m running two full time jobs at once, with numerous amounts of travelling & spending half of my life in hotels but surely that’s part of the fun, right?!

Whats the weirdest hair cut you’ve ever given?
I do quite a few crazy designs for people but once i got asked to shave a cannabis leaf in to the back of some chicks hair, I was like ok cool let’s do it.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
Yeah, I got some pretty dope music videos coming up and I’m on set for some killer projects but I’m gunna have to keep that shit exclusive.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 years. I can’t predict where i’l be next year, I live my life so spontaneously, the only thing I plan is to be successful in both the barbering and modelling. Let’s just see what happens with the rest. As a wise friend told me, “Make paper, bounce”, that’s kinda what I’m following.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
Favourite piece(s) – that’s gotta be the red So Serge short sleeve hoodie & short combo. Such a hard outfit!

Instagram: @ryan_davieshall


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Model: Brandon Williams
Photographer: Kim Jobson 

How did you get into modelling?
I got into my modelling by my father. He always said Brandon you should model. I actually look a lot like him.

Is full time modelling your main job?
No it’s not currently I’m a personal trainer in Bermondsey. Shout out Bermondsey! I want to eventually be be a full time model. Modelling is becoming a passion for sure.

What’s the best thing about modelling?
The best thing about modelling is the behind the scenes work and outcome of pictures. I like meeting the people that create the brands that people love and buy.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
I don’t have any new projects coming. But I feel like the universe is going to bring me something crazy.

What’s your favourite spot in London?
That’s the thing about London that I hate. There’s too many places to love. Right now I really love my south like Clapham and Brixton. But I also love Shoreditch.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Oh hard question. In 5 years, I see myself travelling the world modelling and working on giving back to the inner city youths in America and in the U.K.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
I loved the No Noise Natural Shawlack sweats combo. My arms stays warms and my legs got cooler haha

Instagram: @bidza


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Model: Sammy Sosa
Photographer: Hannah Miles

How did you get into modelling?
You’d have to go all the way back to when I was a youngster and did some work for the Arsenal FC catalogue! I’ve been a huge fan from birth so I’d have to consider that some of my proudest work to date!

Is full time modelling your main job?
No modeling isn’t a full time profession for me at the moment.  I’ve done bits and pieces over the years and I do really enjoy the process so would love to do more – if anyone out there wants to take me on full time feel free to hit me up! I actually work in the marketing industry and also put on events as a part of ‘The Pipe Dreamers’ – a creative collective made up of my brother and I.  We have a bi-monthly night at the moment called ILLICIT that takes place in Miranda at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch – look us up!

What’s the best thing about modelling?
Getting the opportunity to work with cool people for sure is the best part of modelling. I have an interest in all areas of shooting too, right the way through from site recces to the camera work itself – I’m a budding photographer on the side so it helps to have some knowledge from the other side of the lens – check out my stuff on instagram @snappedbysosa

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
I’d love to say yes but as I said it’s not a full time deal for me (right now). A few bits and pieces here and there but nothing huge. I really love doing it though so fingers crossed some more work comes my way in the near future.

Favourite spot in London?
I’m going to have to say Camden, that’s where I grew up. You won’t find a more vibrant and multi-cultural spot in the capital. On a hot summers day the place is literally buzzing – no better place to be.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m hoping that The Pipe Dreamers goes from strength to strength and we continue to build our brand into a house hold name, firstly in London and then moving to other territories ideally. Baby steps right now but the ambition is there to grow it into something significant.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
I really love the No Noise pieces for sure. The matching top and shorts in the natural colour is a winner for me.

Instagram: @samuelejoseph


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Model: Oliver Wheeler
Photographer: Karl Andrew

How did you get into modelling?
I was 19 and I was scouted on the tube!! I went and had a meeting and had Polaroids taken and the agency set up a few test shoots with some photographers. I look back at those images and it scares me to see how young I really was. You learn so much along the way!

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
Prepare yourself for rejection with no explanation – that’s the hardest part that took me awhile to get used too. You must be thick skinned, it is easy to let it affect you negatively because we put ourself in vulnerable positions. Be confident with who you are and what you look like, and trust what you know you are potentionaly right or wrong for. I recommend going to walk-ins at agencies, they receive hundreds of applications online everyday. Always be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Every day is a different day and It’s a very satisfying process. This job never gets boring, I sometimes get to travel too. I meet somebody new everyday and creative people are usually very interesting and good fun.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
You never know what’s coming your way, so who knows… !! I’m a dancer as well so when I’m not modelling, I’m usually dancing around like a mad man. I’ve recently started an acting course so I’m intrigued to see how that goes.. I like to always be challenging myself.

Who’s your favorite designer at the moment?
I’m not they fussy type. I go for whatever catches my eye, I got some nice bits from Y.M.C recently. I love Reiss and H&M on the high-street. I’m also in a vintage store most of them time looking for anything plain and oversized.

Favourite spot in London?
I am so lucky live in Greenwich (Team South London!!) Greenwich is beautiful with a huge park and an incredible food market and little coffee places – Check it out! It’s great to have that outer village feel but have central London so close.

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing instead?
What i’ve always been very thankful for is that since I can remember I wanted to move to London and become a dancer and I did it and had some incredible experiences. So I can’t imagine doing anything else. Although, I put on a good party.. so maybe I’d be in charge at doing that in some way?!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m drawn to the U.S, I’d like to see more of it. I’m going to focus more of my time on acting and by doing so If I get to see more places in 5 years time I’d be very happy with that. Hollywood here I am come.. ;) !!
Ultimately, where ever I am or what ever I am doing I hope to be happy.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
I’m a big fan of the collection. I really enjoy the two-piece hoodie shorts combo – stylish and comfortable – WANT! Thumbs up from me.


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Serge DeNimes shoot 05/05/16 on location

Photographer: Lauren Mustoe
Model: Jake Edymann

What were you doing before Modelling?
Before modelling I was a P.E teacher (professional tanner). Full-time moulding the minds of our 11-19yr old boys and girls. I taught in England for a year then moved to Bangkok to an international school before going on a bit of an extended holiday to Australia (6 months)… Then it started.

Where were you scouted?
I was scouted at a festival in Sydney, I wasn’t too into the music so I decided to collect beer cans from the ground to get free drink…which is a thing I swear. 9 cans = 1 free. I was then approached and asked if I wanted to sign to their agency. I said yes and continued with the can collection.

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
I’m pretty new myself, but I’d say ‘just do it’. I meet a lot of boys that are really successful off the back of a ‘why not?’ mentality; get stuck in there while you’re young. Looks do fade, and make the most of it. Secondly, don’t take it personally if you’re not selected, it’s not because you’re better or worse than the other 100 casting boys. It’s just your individual look isn’t what they’re after on the day, you wouldn’t be a signed model if you had nothing about you…play to your strengths.
Sorry this is a long answer now, but expect plenty of scratching others’ backs at the start. It has to be done and there are a lot of itchy backs out there I quickly found out. You do get a bit back though, great images and experience is imperative. So, in the meantime…get out there and start growing your nails boys.

Any exciting projects coming up?
I don’t think so…I find out pretty much the day before a job. I’ll let you know.

What’s the best thing about modelling?
You get to meet a lot of fun people! And the free time (golf).

See yourself in 5 years?
Modelling is definitely a short term thing for me. I’m giving this a bit of a go and back into teaching. With no disrespect to the fashion industry, it’s not something I value in the grand scheme of things. My heart is in teaching.

Fave piece from the Serge collection?
I loved the cut off t-shirts! When I finally get paid I’ll be heading straight for one of those.




Photographer – Jake Buckley @jakebuckleypro

Creative Direction – Indigo Child @indigoochild

Models – Rafael Mendes @rafael.mendesss

Roland Van Der Lepp @rolandvanderlepp

Ike Nwachukwu @ike_nwachukwu

Jonathan Martinez @mrjamartinez



Serge DeNimes shoot 20/05/16 on location

Photographer: Lauren Mustoe
Model: Rauri MacFarlane
How did you get into modelling?
I got lucky! I was out shopping in Westfields one weekend and I was approached by one of the scouts from an agency in London. A good example of being in the right place at the right time I guess.
What advice would you give an aspiring model?
Anyone who wants to be involved in the modelling game first needs to find a reputable agency. There are many agencies located around London and most will hold ‘walk-ins’ throughout week. They will tell you on the spot if they think you have potential. Once you find an agency right for you, be patient and take opportunities when they come your way!
What’s the best thing about your job?
Every week is different and I get to meet lots of interesting people. Getting to travel to new exciting places isn’t bad either. 
Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
I recently shot a campaign for a big high-street retailer which will be coming out in the next few month. I can’t give too much away but with LCM starting this month, keep a look out for me :)
Who’s your favorite designer at the moment?
Tough question because there’s so much choice out there but if I had to pick one I’d say Trapstar. It’s unique style is so distinctive and it defies the conventions of the normal fashion brands. Not to mention it’s homegrown created by London British designers.
Favourite spot in London?
It has to be Shoreditch! Whether you’re out shopping, on a date or wanting a big night out with your mates, its the place to be! It can be a bit pricey but that London for ya. For me personally it’s a stones throw away from where I live so I’m always down that way
If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing instead?
I’d be sitting in an office doing the standard 9-5. When I first graduated from Uni I started an office graduate job and it really wasn’t for me so I’m very fortunate to be in the situation I’m in now.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
We can never predict the future, I try to take each day as it comes but in an ideal world I would love to transition from modelling into acting. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m a sly wrestling fan (I know it’s a bit embarrassing) and my childhood hero was The Rock (lol). I think he’s a good example of successfully transitioning from one profession into acting. So if I can have half the success he’s had, I’ll be a happy man!
Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
It has to be the No Noise Navy Bomber, it’s right up my street. Something anyone could wear either during the day or on a night out.
Instagram: raurimacfarlane


Serge DeNimes shoot 05/05/16 on location

Photographer: Lauren Mustoe
Model: Francesco Cuizza
What brought you to London?

I had many reasons why I decide to come in London, that I almost forgot, but probably the main reason is that in my heart I’m a traveller and London is my base for now.

Where were you scouted?
When I first came to London I was working in a restaurant and during my dinner service I was scouted from my current  agency .

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
I can’t give advice, but I can give a point of view. You can learn this game but you can’t learn how to be a model.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
Exciting project coming up?..ahahah you’ll see!

Who’s your favourite designer at the moment?
My main 2 designers are Vivienne Westwood because she is an icon in fashion and in life! I think Great Britain has two Queens! As patriotic Italian, my favourite designer is Ricardo Tisci, when you meet him, you can see a Badass with gold heart, a simple guy from the south of Italy, moving to London a long time ago with a dream, and he became the top of what is doing.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
Serge denies  SS16 is a great collection with a touch of minimal, comfy and precious details. You can wear it any time and for different occasions. Great team!

Instagram: iamfrancescocuizza



Serge DeNimes shoot 05/05/16 on location

Photographer: Lauren Mustoe
Model: Nicolas Sinclair 
How long did you play football before you started modelling?
I have played football for as long as I can remember, I played at a semi professional level from age 14-18.
Where were you scouted?
I was scouted on social media, Tinder to be precise
How did you find the transition between football and modelling?
I felt it was quite smooth, I enjoy things that are hands on and I find modelling keeps me as busy as football did so it was an easy transition for me.
What advice would you give an aspiring model?
I would tell them that they don’t know what opportunities and great people they are missing out on.. Not to mention the women.
Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
London graduate fashion week is coming up and I haven’t done any shows before so that’s pretty exciting for me.
Who’s your favourite designer at the moment?
Oh well that’s easy, Serge Denimes.
What’s the best thing about Modeling?
By far the best thing about modelling is the people you meet, this industry is full of the most diverse people and I don’t know of any other that you get to meet so many completely crazy, cool and wonderful people in.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully everywhere!
Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS26 collection?
Has to be the Grey Towel Summer Set!
Twitter:  @ns100__



Serge DeNimes shoot 05/04/16 on location

Model: Christie Leigh
Photographer: Lauren Mustoe

How did you get into modelling?
I had always modeled for friends at school and college and when I moved to London to do a foundation in art and design I got an agent and started modeling properly. I was really lucky that my agency we’re really cool about me studying along side modeling. 

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
To not take it too seriously, i think girls can get really caught up in the industry and its sad because its a really fun job and we should all just enjoy it. 

What’s the best thing about your job?
I think its obvious but getting to travel is a big perk! And that every day is different. You never get board, even on casting days when you’re traveling and waiting around allot you can get stuck into a good book.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
I’ve got 2 new Illamasqua make-up campaigns coming out soon which is pretty exciting as I love the brand. I also shot a cute little Adidas campaign just before Christmas so hopefully that will be out soon as well. 

Who’s your favorite designer at the moment?
I’m in LOVE with Rodarte – I like how they make the most beautiful and delicate pieces and then make them cool and fun. The Star Wars collection they did in 2014 is by far my fave. But i’m not like obsessed with designers or labels in anyway – I buy most of my clothes from charity shops and vintage shops. I love clothes to have had a story. 

Favourite spot in London?
Thats so hard to pick a favourite!! I love the mineral collection at the Natural History Museum, mainly because i’m really into rocks. The gardens at the Horniman Museum are really beautiful.  

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing instead?
I studied illustration at university, I draw and paint allot and I make embroideries of my illustrations so I guess I would be entirely focused on that. I’m just really lucky that modeling is a so flexible and creative – I can have the best of both worlds. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully as a fully fledged illustrator and artist.  

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
I really like the No Noise collection – its really wearable! 

Instagram: @christieleighc



Jason Ellis

Model: Jason Ellis
Photographer: Lauren Mustoe

How did you get into modelling?
I was scouted by elite model management in We Are FSTVL in 2013.

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
Be positive and patient, continue to learn what you need to know and also adapt what you’ve already learned to different situations.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I’d say the best part of my career would be the chance to travel and work around the world, meeting different people and cultures. (And of course the partying haha)

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
At the moment I haven’t got any projects coming up, but I will be soon – Keep a look out.

Who’s your favorite designer at the moment?
I wouldn’t say I have a favourite designer, I like every designer in their unique ways – at the moment Proudlock is doing it for me.

Favourite spot in London?
London is beautiful in many ways, for me it will be around the shoreditch and brick lane area for the amazing art, food, fashion and culture.

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing instead?
God knows, I’ll probably still be on the railway as a engineer shovelling ballasts and changing rails in the freezing cold.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I couldn’t tell you, hopefully living abroad somewhere hot still pursuing my career as a model, and jumping on the property ladder.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?
I love all the pieces from the collection but my favourites are the Black 4 Symbols Waterproof and the Gold Padlock Necklace.




Photography – Lauren Mustoe  Illustration – Ridley Browell

How did you get into modelling?

I applied to all the UK agencies as I recognised that I had a unique and sellable look, however as I was mixed race with dreads and tattoos, most agencies considered me to much of a risk to the current ‘norm’ in the industry, however, the very last agency I applied to (AMCK) the head booker (Patrick) saw my potential and signed me instantly!

What advice would you give an aspiring model?

Models.com apply to all the UK agencies (as they will be the only legit ones) and also find out when they do “walk ins” and visit them personally. You need to do this to all the UK ones listed on that site. You got to grind, also for modelling / extra work join a site called talenttalks.co.uk  Join, pay and sign up its amazing and gets me loads of extra work (everything from a Mary j blige music video shoot, to Asap rocky, to Playstation and xbox game characters, I’ve done it all)… organise your own shoots and find photographers who need models for there own portfolios and do as many style of images as possible to show the world your talent.. Until you’re signed you have to THINK outside the box to be better then the other 500,000 guys with the same dream. Also believe in your self, I am a deeply spiritual person and realised that I haven’t got this far by my self, the law of attraction, faith in my self and Buddhism has allowed me to be at the perfect time and the perfect place and with the perfect attitude to allow me to book some big jobs!

What’s the best thing about your job?

Freedom to be my own boss, to be able to manifest my own reality with no ‘higher authority’ attempting to control my life (like when I was in retail). Also being in a position where people are interested in me because of my model looks, but when they end up following me they hopefully are exposed to the real side to me which will enable them to be exposed to some fundamental Buddhist ideologies I truly believe will help to polish the tarnish mirror of peoples life and bring there sprits into alignment with universal energy.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

I have many but I have also signed contracts and would get sued extreme amounts if I reveal all at this stage! I’m making music now as well, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for me! I appreciate all kinds of music however when they put songs like ‘trap queen’ on the radio and day time TV for our generation to become brainwashed. I realised I have the power and connections to make something as equally addictive, but with powerful Buddhist mantras and chants which will enable people to live life with unshakable happiness and determination instead of such alpha male over sexualised bull shit which makes us concentrate on lower survival chakra emotions of money sex and drugs and women.

Who’s your favourite designer at the moment?

I LOVE maharishi because of its army style pacifist views! It represents a human revolution in my eyes! I also love Joshua Kane Bespoke Tailoring as he is up and coming and has the potential to be one of the greatest and leave his mark in British fashion history and I have had the pleasure to walk in TWO of his suits now at LCM!

Favourite spot in London?

Bounce on old street (Table tennis bar) / Hyde Park in the summer with a book and some red wine/ Mitcham South London as that’s the ENDS for me!

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing instead?

Something creative, spiritual and empowering I knew from young I would rather die then chase someone else’s dream in some Babylon style office job!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see the fall of government and the rise of human leaders, I aim to be one of them, I chant everyday for my guidance and protection as a Buddhist leader who is a votary of the Lotus Sutra (Sorry I always get deep but deep thinking is required when the world is going to SHIT!) for more information on me please check the link in my bio on instagram ‘@indigoochild’ for a short documentary about my life and also Nichren Daishoin Buddhism

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes SS16 collection?

I love Proudlock to much, he treated me like his boy from the first day I met him, so I think I like anything that comes out of serge now days!

Instagram: @indigoochild

Documentary: youtu.be/2-k0xTYsTbk





Photography – Lauren Mustoe

How did you get into modelling?
Originally I was scouted by a casting director on Instagram for a Nasir show.

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
Try and get in contact with photographers, stylist, young designers anyone like minded so you can build a network of people that need you like you need them.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Probably the fact that you sometimes become a representation of someone’s art work that has had so much time, passion and energy put into it. And off course working with so many beautiful people haha.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
I’ve recently shot with some really good photographers for some interesting editorials out soon, also a campaign for new brand from London I’m very excited for!

Who’s your favorite designer at the moment?
I really love Maharshi at the moment  especially the new season I walked for last year it’s wavey.

Favourite holiday destination?
At the moment I love Denmark and have family there so have been going a lot recently, but I really want to go somewhere like Bali or Cuba.

Favourite spot in London?
I used to live in west so I’d say Portobello is probably my spot you can get everything and anything

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing instead?
If I wasn’t modelling I’d probably be playing rugby and at Uni in Leeds right now.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully with my own space, modelling, presenting, and maybe trying to get into acting

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?
My favourite piece from serge is either the Script Sweat or the Navy Markham Sweat.

Instagram: j_magz 


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How did you get into modelling?
Funnily enough, it all started in a corner shop. I went to buy some things for my mum and this random guy called Sal approached me and asked if I had done any modeling before. At first, I thought it was a joke, but then he showed me his work in a magazine called Jocks and Nerds. He asked if I was interested in doing some work for him and the magazine. After that, it all blew up really! Next Models London liked my look and that’s where it all started.

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
Keep certain things in check for example your skin and physique, but don’t let it control your day-to-day life. Apart from that, keep up to date with what’s going on in fashion. Get all the exposure you can get.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Travelling to new places, being able to get the first look into new collections and meeting both stylists and models is always interesting. Honestly, the agency sends me all over London I reckon I could be an Uber driver by now. You never know what’s round the corner.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
Actually, I’ve got a campaign with office coming up this week so make sure you guys check that out! I also have been asked to do a shoot later on in February for Highsnobeity magazine. Other than that I’m just looking forward to stopping off in Milan to get singed there later on that month and then in the near future I intend to touchdown in New York for the same reason.

Who’s your favorite designer at the moment?
Olivier Rousteing- absolute boss.

Favourite holiday destination?
Slightly biased answer due to my heritage but without a doubt it’s got to be Jamaica, particularly in Montego Bay so hot, even the rain is warms. Nothing yet, beats the beaches out there, truly stunning. Having said that, I have always wanted to go to Fiji and see the perfect idyllic settings before it is too late as it is predicted to be underwater within the next twenty years.

Favourite spot in London?
My favorite place to chill in London when I come down is probably at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Rest assured there is always something going on in there. In the evenings on the weekend you get musicians and stuff coming in, its so chilled check it out if you haven’t been!

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing instead?
I’m not modeling full time at the moment as I’m currently in my second year studying philosophy at the University of Kent. But if I could do anything it would most definitely be the dream of many boys a footballer. Other than that I’ve always liked the idea of being a property developer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years time i’ll have just turned twenty five, hopefully I will have made a name for myself by then and will be modelling as a result. My course allows me to do many things so my options are open and quite frankly still at this moment I’m very unsure what I really want to be doing.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?
Tough question, but I’d probably say that it is the “so serge “ charcoal tracksuit. Both the jogging bottoms and sweatshirt are simple pieces, which fit nicely and are really comfy too.

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How did you first get into music?
My mum was in the church choir when I was younger and she has a good singing voice. So that inspired me to sing from a really young age. My dad used to sing Motown classics very loudly around the house too (he still does to this day). I began singing around the age of 9 when a family member noted that I had ‘a smooth tone’. They then proceeded to throw my twin brother and I on stage and have us sing to the entire church. In the pictures we don’t look impressed.

Best gig you’ve ever been to?
Has to be Miguel when he came to London in 2013. Prior to this I had never gone to the gig of an artist who i genuinely was a super-fan of. It was then that I realised that I would love to inspire others in the same way he inspired me. Or the Weeknd when he first came to London. I was still coming down from having House of Balloons on repeat. That mixtape is a masterpiece.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
YES! I’m currently working on a solo project. I produced, wrote and played every instrument on the project. Logic Pro X and Native Instruments are my wives. I hope to finish it at the end of next month. I also have a few singles on the way. I have a number of musical influences but currently my sound is heavily inspired by Tame Impala, The Internet and the rock star-like persona/grit of Travis Scott. My Soundcloud is: – Joey Bluegrass. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Favourite holiday destination?
Has to be New York. I went last summer. Bear in mind I hadn’t been there for 7 years and I had forgotten how much I love the city. It’s like London on steroids. From Williamsburg which is sort of like Shoreditch, to the Upper East side of Manhattan which is like Mayfair, everything felt familiar except the buildings, roads and food are 100 times the size! The nightlife is great too; Haha i’ll never get over the impact that Trey Songz had on this club we were at called Up and Down. He showed up at the club, the Dj announced it on the mic, and suddenly, most of the girls at our table vanished :(.

Favourite spot in London?
Right now probably Drama! Its popping off in there. Or Tape. Or Love and Liquor. The music and vibe in there reminds me of New York.

If you weren’t doing music and modeling what would you be doing instead?
Probably acting (In my head i’m Will Smith) or i’d be a doing a 9-5 where my law degree might come in handy in landing me a decent city job.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully I would have achieved the targets i’ve set for myself. I’m hard on myself and I have high expectations for achievement. I hope to have multiple supercars, and to be married to Irina Shayk. Bradley Cooper you can fall back. Lol

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?
Has to be the white Shawfield Scoop Tee. I love white tees with print on them. The Tee is really iconic.

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When you first started posting on tumblr did you have any idea what might come from it?
I didnt have a clue. I just liked tumblr at that moment and was doing my own thing, not trying to promote myself or anything like that whatsoever.What do you think it is about social media that is so powerful?
I think its cause it is in real time most of the time. We are lucky these days cause we can know exactly whats happening in the world straight away or we can also find out what celebrities are doing in some specific moment. Also some people want to fight about getting more followers than others just to brag about haha.What does a normal weekend look like for you?
Pretty chilled. I dont go out much as Im very busy during the week so i just want to relax really. But i always like to hang out with friends or going to music shows if theres any that weekend.Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
Yes, I have a couple of projects im currently working on right now, some of them are related to social media and some others aren’t.

Do you think you will ever move back to Spain?
Yeah maybe in the future if the situation out there gets better, but for now i’m very comfortable in london and theres a lot to do out here!

Favourite spot in London?
I’d say my house as its where I feel most comfortable, but also theres a lot of good restaurants that I love, especially in East London!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Literally have no clue. I dont feel like I belong in any city so I’m open to always change cities, wherever business take me really! I hope Im settled down in 5 years tho, and have a family not much later than that.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?
I really liked the shard hoodie and the jewelry!

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Describe yourself using a lyric from a song/rap.
I’m the furthest thing from perfect, but I do know what my worth is, wouldn’t sell myself below, even if you made a mass-purchase.How did you get your start in music?
I started off with poetry in my young years….but rapping – I started when I was about 14, got more serious with 16, after a month of artist development in Miami. Basically, a relative in Atlanta had heard my music I had uploaded to youtube and sent it around in the states and suddenly I get an email from a producer/songwriter: Blizzy Baxter. He then mentored me a lot during that time. Upon return I started taking the whole rapping more seriously and realized that no mater where I came from, if I worked hard enough, the right people would hear my music through the internet. I saw that it doesn’t matter where I come from, as long as I head in the right direction, I’ll get where I want to go/where I’m supposed to be. We are connected and alike seek each-other – the fact that I am saying this and you are reading this and may be on the other side of the earth – in that lays our generation’s power.Best gig you’ve ever done/been to?
I’d say Ghetts was the most amazing Gig I’ve ever been to. I believe many people, especially outside of the UK don’t understand Grime, because they’ve never seen/heard it live. The energy is unreal. I think the best way for Grime to become more international is through live shows, I’ve never been to a concert with that much energy and crowd interaction. I must say I didn’t really get Grime at first when I came to the UK. But Ghetts show was like an epiphany for me.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

I just graduated from university a few days ago. So now that the degree is out the way, as I had promised my parents, I can focus on doing music -however, I did enjoy studying at the end. Studying business enterprise taught me a lot about how to run and start my own company (record label). So now I just want to get fully dedicated in exploring the music scene here, collaborating, producing with people and releasing my first EP/Mixtape.

Favourite holiday destination?
I have a very nerdy side to me and I don’t like “doing nothing“ – I’m very result/productivity driven. My dream Holiday would be to one day stand on the moon and look at earth. I’m a massive KidCudi fan, so anyone who’s familiar with that whole movement will understand why. #DreamOn #ManOnTheMoon

Favourite spot in London?
I haven’t explored London too much yet but am looking forward to when finally moving here early next year. So am looking forward to anyone willing to show me around, hola at me!

I however do love Camden, especially the market, as well as Brixton. Both areas are mad creative and great sources of inspiration and creativity. Also a lot of entrepreneurship and diversity of cultures there. Also, when it comes to architecture, Canary Wharf is great, it has a feeling like Coruscant in StarWars (but thats again the Nerd in me).

If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing instead?
I’d probably be working in international relations/affairs or consultancy. I believe that if you want to have influence or change something for the better, like e.g. fighting the corruption between the Western Hemisphere and leaders in the emerging/developing countries, you first have to become part of the system, do everything to not let it corrupt you and work from the inside, fighting for your cause. Prove that you understand and are capable, only then people will pay attention when you criticize or insist on change.

Which musician would you most like to work with?
If Johnny J was still alive then him, he used to be 2pac’s producer and obviously, Pac or Dr. Dre. Further, Sade, Femi or Fela Kuti, Eminem, Kanye West and Rick Rubin – him and Kanye always tend to get the greatness out of people. Finally, anyone from the whole Soulection clan, they create crazy vibes. Ohh and Little Simz, she’s very inspirational! Also, in Germany there’s an incredible rapper, Megaloh, check him out!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I pray and work on to be in the position where I can work with anyone in any country, from music to business, art, finance, fashion and just create, develop. Make something meaningful, with society at it’s heart as beneficiary. And I want to be in the position to discover and help other talented acts and entrepreneurs, without trying to create a box/image that’s necessary to market them or robbing them off of their ideas, as it is often common practice today. I want to support/help and educate…that is the plan. I know it is a lot but I think it’s better to dream high and give your best – so that if you fail the end goal, you’ll still achieve a substantial amount. If you dream small and you fail the end goal, you’ll achieve nothing!

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?
I love the jumpers with the camo prints on the side, the necklaces and the tracksuit, it’s super comfy – thats like something I’d probably live in when I create an album or record the EP!

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Describe yourself using a line from your favourite poem.
Unfortunately English Lit was never my forte during school so me and poems are a no-no.

What about 3 words?
Opinionated, sensitive and loyal.

What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of being an ethnic model in the fashion industry?
An advantage of being an ethnic model is having a slight niche; I don’t really know too many Indians in the industry so it’s nice to be a little different. Then again I’m put in the category with Brazilians, Israelis etc. and they are all extremely beautiful. A disadvantage is when make up artists can’t find the right foundation for my skin tone. It’s the worst thing ever!

If you weren’t a model what would you be doing instead?
I did criminology and psychology at uni and have always been obsessed with something in that field, so maybe a masters in an area of that.

What advice would you give an aspiring model?
My advice would be… always have a backbone, and most importantly don’t get caught up in industry because it sounds cringe but it can change you a lot.

Number 1 rule for taking a great selfie?
Always have good lighting and if that fails put it to black and white.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
No unfortunately not, I’m just doing all my regular ecomm clients but I’m trying to sort out some work experience for something within psychology actually which will be really good for me, if I get!

Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
I’ve always had a guilty pleasure for Moschino. I am obsessed with their stuff but could never pull it off.

Favourite holiday destination?
South America! Went travelling for 7 months last year, incredible.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully a qualified psychologist with a wonderful husband and a child on the way… optimistic.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?
I love a good oversized hoodie; so all the hoodies and sweatshirts are my fave!

I couldn’t live without…
Coconut oil (or my iPhone) haha xxx


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