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Gold Plated Silver Praying Hands Necklace

Regular price £65.00

The Gold Praying Hands Necklace is drawn from Oliver's Mother's photographs from the Rio Carnival in 1968 which was the backbone of the first collection at Serge DeNimes. Today we breathe some more life into the inspiration for the first collection and always look to this for inspiration. 

The praying hands are something which can be seen throughout time in imagery with people praying to God. Our founder Oliver Proudlock has this tattooed on his upper arm as it is a symbol which he simply loves. This piece is perfect for layering with an array of other gold necklaces specifically the Anchor Necklace.

This piece is made from 925 Sterling Silver with a 14K Gold plating and is adjustable making it perfect for layering all year round with lengths including 60cm, 63cm, 66cm & 69cm.

Size Guide

All our necklaces can be adjusted to fit.

Cleaning Guide

We would recommend using a lightly damp cloth to clean all Serge DeNimes jewellery. The following we do not recommend as it may affect the quality of the product, design or plating.

  • Submerging product in boiling water
  • Using washing up liquid, fairy liquid or any other cleaning product that is not specifically for Silver or Gold Plated Jewellery
  • Leaving the product in water for a prolonged period of time
  • Showering, swimming or bathing in the product
  • Working out, prolonged running, sauna or steam room (sweat is not good for the plating)


Serge DeNimes is a design-led brand, providing exclusive seasonal collections of urban apparel and accessories of premium quality. The founder, Oliver Proudlock has had two passions from a young age, fashion and art. They were the two constants in his upbringing, with his mother, a designer and photographer. Serge DeNimes is the expression of his creativity and ambition that continues to innovate and create trends inside the streetwear fashion world.