Serge DeNimes Competition

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CompPicPlease fill the form below in to enter the competition. A winner will be picked at random on Friday 22nd of March.


18 Responses to “Serge DeNimes Competition”

  1. Kiera

    This would be a perfect, simple summer necklace that would go great with any outfit. I shall wear it proudly in America :)

  2. Rebekka

    It would be the perfect ‘keep me safe’ charm while I’m in brazil and Peru volunteering in July/August :)

  3. Jaz

    S’all about serge!!

  4. Sean Micallef Trigona

    Winning this would make my brothers day , he’s a huge MIC fan

  5. LJ

    yeah mate

  6. Andrew R

    I’ve been looking for a new necklace ever since a gypsy kid stole my cross in Zante.. bein a student a can’t afford one though :'(

  7. jack darling

    Beaut of a chain, epic win if it happened.

  8. pattylane

    need another chain so then people can call me 2CHAINZ

  9. hollyoak89

    wanted this for ages be a nice addition to my serge collection

  10. Lee McNeil

    Simply…… NICE!!!!

  11. Jowita Prominska

    ahh, such a stunning necklace!

  12. Jonny Parker

    22nd March is my 18th Birthday! Winning this would make my day

  13. Simon

    This is the

  14. Chloe Minors

    This necklace will go with my cable knit jumper and brand new Nike Blazers!
    I will be rocking this in Croatia and Outlook festival :D

  15. Beth Schofield

    love this!!

  16. Conor Caffrey

    I will have this necklace ROCKING in DUBLIN!

  17. Richard morrell

    I’ll rep this when I’m on t.v …… Serge time

  18. Paige Limbrick

    I love this padlock necklace and I think that it would go wonderfully with my Serge DeNimes top, it would complete the outfit marvellously.

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