Serge Meets Jae Kim

How were you scouted for modeling?
I was scouted a few times from different agencies, but I was too young and wasn’t into modelling at that point, as all I wanted to do was become a professional football player. Then one day, one of my friends took me into a agency in Cape Town, and that’s how it all started
What is your favourite country to go on holiday?
Im still exploring the world, but I would love to see the Aurora in Canada. I guess nature is what I want to explore
Favorite place in London?
I like places where it’s very peaceful, like the garden parks and the canal
Dream brand to collaborate with?
I would hope to walk for brands such as Gucci, Prada…
Who is your favorite designer?
Jody Paulsen from AKJp
What do you do when you’re not modeling?
I still always like to play football in my spare time
Tell us something you’ve not told in an interview before…
I love metallic work. I come from artistic parents where my father was a metallic artist and my mother was student (a very romantic story). My mother also loves pottery which helps my interest, and my sister is studying sculpture.