PHOTOGRAPHER: HANNAH MILES


I’ve been doing full time modelling since college, back home in Manila, Philippines. From high fashion to streetwear to commercial, but my love is for music. I used to do a lot of ukulele covers, and last year I started to write more stuff and record with my music producer. If you are interested in alt pop music, you can check me out on Spotify :)
Describe yourself in 3 words
EASY-GOING – basically, don’t know how to say no!
GRATEFUL AF – I got this serious grateful heart, to a point that every morning I thank the sunshine for turning my hallway into gold!
Dream brand to collaborate with?
For my music, Unif. If I keep doing good with my alt pop music, collaborating with them will be fun.
For modelling, Zimmermann! Top dream, I’ve always been a bohemian chic by heart haha!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Life is unpredictable and I always just go with the flow and take my chances. I have a few different plans!
1- I would love to live by the river or a beautiful lake, have my little vegetable garden, a black horse and high speed wifi in my house lol (wifi is life!)
2- I will be taking care of orphan elephants in Kenya
3- I will have a hippie bus so I can drive around Europe or Australia. #vanlife
but either way, I will still be doing music.
Do you have any hobbies?
I love art and love to create. I doodle a lot and take a lot of photos. Also I play, well, used to play the piano and violin back when I was a kid. Now my go to instrument is the ukulele and tiny bit of guitar! Singing relaxes me! And I love travelling!
Favourite emoji?
I have three, dove🕊 dragon🐉 and rose🌹
Favorite place in London?
Brick Lane since day 1 haha! Totally my vibe; the vintage market, the graffiti, the artsy people, and the Indian food – everything I love in one.
Favourite piece of the Serge DeNimes collection?
The Vibes waffle sweat and the baby girl bleach tee, both are love at first sight. So its great that I got them both in my closet now!