Serge Meets : Isaac Carew

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Isaac Carew



Years Modelling?

Around 4 years.

How did you find your first ever big photo shoot?

I loved my first big shoot. It was a huge step for me, especially as I had only been in the industry for a few months (quite different from my previous job as a Chef too!)

What has been the weirdest or most embarrassing thing you have had to wear for a photo shoot?

One of my first editorials was for a gay magazine and I ended wearing PVC chains and wigs. Very weird but I wouldn’t say embarrassing though.

Do you have a fashion icon?

I would have to say Johnny Depp if anyone but there are so many to choose from

Do you feel an added pressure from the fashion world because you’re a model yet working on your own fashion label?

Perhaps some people may think its a little Cliche; just like a model becoming a photographer or an actor for instance, but I am immersed in the fashion industry and starting my own fashion label felt like a very natural ‘next step’ for me. A little pressure is a good thing anyway…

How did your clothing company start and what was it like producing your first collection?

My partner and I originally thought of making one ‘charity tee’ and giving all the money to a charity. That idea soon developed into a whole brand, where we give 25% of each t-shirt sold, to charity- Mercy & Wild is currently the only brand giving such a high percentage away. Producing our first collection was incredible. We had so many ideas that choosing which ones to go with seemed like the hard bit.

What inspires you and your designs?

We are inspired by the charity that we are representing.

Favourite shop in London?


Favourite place to eat?


Favourite festival?



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