Serge Meets: Sim MK1

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Describe yourself in three words?

Determined, Loyal, Positive

How about your style in 3 words?

Diverse, Tailored, Polished

When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

Way back in 2004 when i first fell in love with the grime/garage scene, acts such as dizzee rascal & so solid crew. I started writing lyrics at school, lol my flow was the worst but managed to entertain my mates with my humorous witty wordplay.

Have you got any new releases coming up?

Currently locked away in the studio building lots of new solo material, planning to release my first single early 2015 alongside my own artist management company.

What would be your advise to an aspiring musician?

Trust your gut instinct every time, network your ass off, and always remind yourself you have nothing to lose.

What do you think will be happening with you musically in the next 5 years?

Definitely touring/headlining globally, consistent chart success, and a very prominent figure in the music industry.

What song would be the soundtrack to your life?

Kanye West – Power

Who inspires you musically?

No one in particular, however, anyone that represents progression & positivity. Also driving through sloane street & knightsbridge at night i find highly inspirational lol !!

Who are your style icons?

Don’t actually have one, i mainly just take inspiration from daring individuals who like to make a statement.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

Wolf bomber jacket is right up there !!

Favourite spot in London?

Kebab Kid in Fulham especially after the gym


Twitter: @Simeon_MK1

Instagram: @simmk1

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  1. gem

    Hi Sam
    why don’t you tweet charlie you twat!
    Yours Truly

  2. Sam

    Hi there my name is Sam as u know I was wondering if you could interview charlie rundle she is an amazing inspiring joung intelagent women and she worked with sim as u probably already know her Instagram: @charlierundleuk is u will inter view her and this is by a long shot I have a couple of important questions that I would like to ask her but if I can’t meet her in person it would be disappointing yet ok I am a photographer and would love to take some photos and ask questions and put the answers to the question along with the photos and make you a wee bit more popular If I may have your permission to do so so can you email me ASAP because i am a busy person this week please

    Your truly s

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