The Mayor of Scaredy cat town | Spitafields Bar

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We all want to be the friend that suggests the london distressed, hidden doors that provide access to the secret, elite-packed underground candlelit cocktail bar.

This week we’ve stepped it up a notch- not just bringing the restaurants with food that makes you salivate and cocktails bars that make you weak at the knees, we’ve now come up with something that you simply won’t be able to resist.

Perhaps you have a date this week, you want to come up with something different, well allow Serge to introduce you to, The Mayor of Scaredy Cats.

Head to The Breakfast Club, on Artillery Lane, just off Bishopsgate, inside you’ll spot Smeg fridge, don’t be shy, have a peak.

Inside you’ll find a quirky, dimmed-lit, cocktail bar serving a unique range of cocktails and delicious food.

You’d wow your date with exclusivity, you’d be guarantied another date.

Click here for more info. #SoSerge


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