Serge DeNimes


Serge DeNimes have teamed up with Movement Artist Dominant Namek (@dominantwipez) to showcase the latest collection of jewellery & apparel.

Serge Meets

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Serge meets Navraj

Meet Navraj! The model with a massive interest in fashion, sports and his mum's homemade butter chicken. His long hair makes him standout from the crowd and is it just us or does he look amazing in neon?

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Serge Meets Aaron

Meet the model/business man ready to take the world by storm. With big plans for the modelling world as well for personal portfolio, Aaron has a lot to offer. Check out the interview for deets.

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Serge Meets Harvey

Meet Harvey! He's a driven model whose goal is to be a creative director of a brand. He's a lowkey Pianist and loves hanging out in soho in the evenings.